Guest workshop with Angelos Steliou

Yoga. Dance. Freedom
Yoga - Movement and DanceWorkshop with Angelos Steliou  
Easter Monday, 22. April

Yoga, dance, movement, freedom.


Express yourself without limitations.


This workshop is a change to deepen your understanding in your path of connection with the real nature.


Yoga  and dance will help you to move and enjoy the present moment. You will feel more flexible and realigned as old tensions will drop off.  


The movements are loosely based on capoeira, contemporary dance while the practice incorporates elements from yoga and contact improvisation.



Dance is a natural expression coming from the innermost being. The same place we experience in yoga and meditation. This workshop is an energetic meeting of contemporary dance and yoga. Dance is a worship with body.    


When we allow ourselves to move from the inside out we dance our prayers and we move naturally into healing and harmony with ourselves and our world.  The workshop is a unique path of empowering strengthening, increasing flexibility and revitalising the entire being.  


Follow the music, Follow your feelings, feel the freedom, express yourself and connect through your nature in the present time.


This workshop is for all the levels, for all those who want to go deeply inward. No dance experience is needed.  


Enjoy the workshop and discover a new experience  


Easter Monday

22. April

18:00 - 20:00



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Angelos Steliou is a certified yoga teacher (RYT500) and Ayurvedic Masseur. He is a Reiki therapist, Shakti yoga dancer, Capoereista. Angelos loves movement and QiGong.    

Angelos has spent the last three years traveling and teaching classes, workshops and retreats around the world from Greece to India, Bali, Nepal, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, London, New Zealand and Australia.    


Yoga for him is a way of life and through his teaching he wants to support everyone to understand real life.

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