How to join our team


Dear Yoga Teachers,

thank you for your interest in our studio.

Please bear in mind that HIGH ON YOGA is a concept yoga studio.
Our asana practice is strictly based on Ashtanga Vinyasa 
style. We put as much emphasis on proper yet healthy alignment as we put on creating a sweaty yoga high. Hands-on assists are an essential part of our teaching.

If you are trained in the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga method and have an established Astanga Vinyasa practice, please come to our studio and meet us. We recommend to take at least one of Mateusz's classes - who is the studio's founder - to see if our understanding of teaching yoga matches. 

Please note
sadly, we won't be able to answer most e-mails regarding teacher jobs.
Please come to the studio to discover our style first and introduce yourself if possible.


If you come from a different yoga method or do not feel secure with your Ashtanga education or experience, there's a possibility to attend our Mentorship Program for yoga teachers, more information on this website here.