How to join our team

Dear Yoga Teachers,

thank you for your interest in our studio.

We are always happy to welcome new yogis and yoginis to our team.


Please bear in mind that High On Yoga is a concept yoga studio. Our asana practice is based on Ashtanga Vinyasa style and ujjayi breath, bandhas are a fundament of each class. We love a sweaty intense sequence, yet mantra chanting with all the students is something we love to do as well. Each class includes hands-on adjustments or at least alignment corrections. We put as much emphasis on proper yet healthy alignment as we put on creating a sweaty yoga high. 

If this is something you do, too, please come to our studio and meet us. We recommend to take

at least one of Mateusz's classes - who is the studio's director - to see if our understanding of teaching yoga matches. Only sending an e-mail just won't be the best idea, just saying. :)


We are always looking for teachers with 

  • Ashtanga Vinyasa training or background (no exceptions),

  • Mantra chanting skills (harmonium skills are not needed, but always a plus),

  • Hands-on assists skills.