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vinyasa teacher, ​High On Yoga director & co-founder


Mateusz has been working in the field of movement and body work since he was 16 years old. This was also the time he got introduced to yoga through his theatre director, Iyengar yoga teacher and mentor, Grażyna Tabor, in his hometown of Racibórz in Poland.
Mateusz started developing his teaching skills first as a movement and dance instructor
in late 2000s in Poland and in Greece to eventually completely dwell in to the world of yoga. In 2015 after a joint trip to India along with fellow yoga teacher, Anna Tyc, they founded High On Yoga as a place to celebrate life and yoga.
Mateusz plays harmonium and is a big kirtan and mantra lover.



  • 200 hours Vinyasa Yoga TTC at Vinyasa Yoga Foundation, India

  • 300 hours Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga TTC at Tattvaa Yogashala, India

  • 50 hours Nada Yoga TTC at Narayan Yoga School, India


vinyasa teacher


Anita, originally from Budapest, Hungary, has been practicing yoga for almost ten years and started teaching over six years ago.

Anita did her first teacher training at Atma Center in Budapest where she learned a more traditional view of yoga and got introduced to the ISKCON philosophy. Later, Anita took a proper vinyasa-focused 300h course in India. Therefore, her classes carefully merge these two aspects of yoga.

Anita is also an academic scholar. Her main research interest is electronic music cultures and scenes. That’s the reason why you can also listen to a finely selected track list during her classes.


  • 200 hours Traditional Hatha Yoga TTC at Atma Center, Hugary 

  • 300 hours Vinyasa Yoga TTC at Yoga Vimoksha, India



vinyasa & yin yoga teacher


Maria studied yoga in India and France and is a Yoga Alliance certified Ashtanga Vinyasa and Yin Yoga Teacher.
Maria understands yoga as an internal journey of self-discovery, an opportunity to connect with yourself and unite body and mind. Yoga is not about self-improvement or performing asanas it is about accepting your body as it is. Without regrets and without focussing on success or failure.
Maria graduated in Communication Science and works as a freelancer in PR and Advertising. She is always up for new challenges and ideas.

Click here to visit Marias Website.


  • 200 hours Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga TTC at Sampoorna Yoga, India

  • 100 hours Yin Yoga TTC with Angela Jervis Read



vinyasa teacher



Luca's first approach to yoga was in Berlin almost 7 years ago in a fitness studio with a Hatha class. Soon came the need to discover more of the yoga world and he started to practice on and off different styles from Ashtanga to Dharma Yoga. In March 2018 he decided to deepen his knowledge with a Hatha and Ashtanga teacher training in India and since then he teaches regularly dynamic vinyasa yoga classes in Berlin.
Luca's focus is on detailed alignment and extended cueing. Luca comes originally from Italy, he is a pharmacist and a plant lover.  



  • 200 Hours Hatha and Ashtanga TTC at Vinyasa Yoga Academy, India.

  • 50 Hours Advanced Practice Continuing Professional Development) with Ambra Vallo, Italy

  • 50 Hours Advances Practice CPD with Jared McCann, Italy



vinyasa teacher



Miriam started practicing yoga in 2006. She did her first teacher training in 2007 another one followed ten years later.
Miriam is teaching classes on a daily basis since ten years now, on her days off she loves to dive deeper into traditional ashtanga practice. Asana practice is like life, inhale, exhale and repeat.



  • 350h jivamukti teacher training

  • 800h advanced jivamukti teacher training

  • blueprint poses teacher training with maty ezraty



vinyasa teacher



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​vinyasa teacher


Erick started his career as a ballet dancer and have been looking for new challenges ever since. He's been studying the human body-mind and its possibilities through contemporary dance, massage therapy and yoga.

Since Erick teaches yoga and works on an intimate level with others, he started to realise the importance of movement as a therapeutic tool and he seeks to further develop his body-worker skills using all the different aspects of what he experienced and learned since the beginning of his journey.



  • 200 hours Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga TTC at Ashtanga Yoga Mysore, India

  • 200 hours Restorative Yoga TTC at Time For Yoga, Belgium

  • Ballet School, Conservatory Victor Ullate, Madrid, Spain


High On Yoga co-founder, guest teacher


Ania with her multicultural background comes originally from the vivid capital city of Poland - Warsaw.  
Ania's journey to yoga has started with her first travels through Asia in the late 2000s. Once she moved to Berlin in 2012, yoga started to be her biggest devotion since. With friend and fellow yoga teacher, Mateusz, they founded High On Yoga in 2015 where she used to teach regularly her vigorous vinyasa classes, heavily inspired by Ashtanga until 2018.


Currently, Ania lives in Tel Aviv, Israel where she continues her yoga teacher journey. However, stay tuned for guest visits any time soon.



  • 200 hours Vinyasa Yoga TTC at Vinyasa Yoga Foundation, India

  • 50 hours Harmonium course at Narayan Yoga School, India