Feeling (yourself) good
Yoga, just like masturbation, is a rejuvenating treat for everyone.

Many think that desire and yoga don't go together. And they are not far from the truth. However, in the end of the day we are just humans and sex or masturbation  can bring a feeling of bliss and joy. And here it is where it meets yoga.


Good sex is something everyone wants. But it takes work. Don’t forget that sex is a physical activity that requires strength, stamina, and flexibility, so it only makes sense that the more flexibility, strength and stamina you have, the better your experience will be … well, in theory.

(Barry Eichner,

Sex is also a tool of stress management. In an Arizona State University study it was found that being in a good mood predicted more physical affection and sexual activity with a partner the next day, showing that the sex-stress management connection works both ways: sex can lead you to feel less stressed, and being less stressed (or at least in a better mood) can lead to more sex. Further proof of the importance of effective stress management! Visit for more information.