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The Cool Kids of Yoga

HIGH ON YOGA goes sailing


One-day yoga cruise with real sailing and vegan food in Berlin

High On Yoga teachers Anna and Mateusz and the Rumbalotte crew with its captain Wolfgang Kösling invite you to a mini one-day yoga retreat with real sailing and vegan snack. And you don't even have to leave the city. 

Call it a pop-up yoga class in  Berlin lakes or a mini urban retreat outside the city hustle, we promise it is going to be an unforgettable experience, including yoga and massages on the beach and authentic sailing with a qualified sailor.


You will cruise in a cosy medium-size sailboat. Our crew captain is Wolfgang Kösling – a certified sailing instructor and a real seadog.

If there is not enough wind, the captain will ask you to grab the paddles and do some warm up before you hit the yoga mat. Forget about sailing a tourist yacht on the Spree. Here it's going to be real sailing and a beautiful silence around to meditate upon. 

You will spend around 2 hours cruising within the Scharfe Lanke lake and the Havel river. We will take you from Pichelsdorf in the Spandau district to our yoga destination in Grunewald and back.


At a tiny beach at Schldhorn we will have a 90-min. vinyasa yoga and medotation session followed by a little vegan meal.


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