The new essentials of HOY

The High On Yoga ESSENTIALS class with Mateusz takes place every every Sunday at 15:15 hrs.

From now on we are introducing a weekly focus for each class.

The focus will be a part of a 12-week cycle.

If you want to learnable our High On Yoga essentials and the strong basics of yoga practice, we advice to take part in the full cycle of 12 classes. However, if you miss a class/topic, we will start the cycle allover again after 12 classes.

Below you will find a list of all 12 topics we will be covering with Mateusz during the HOY Essentials course. Once a week we will announce also which postures will specifically be practiced.

This week (28/10/2018) we'll work on


• triangle pose (utthita trikonasana)

• extended side angle pose (utthita parśvaknasana)

• pyramid pose (parśvottanasana)


  1. Standing poses / Sun salutation A & B

  2. Fundamental positions of Ashtanga yoga

  3. Forward bends

  4. Twists

  5. Back bends

  6. Balancing poses

  7. Hip & groin openers

  8. Seated / cross-legged poses

  9. Ujjayi breath and vinyasa

  10. Core poses & transitions

  11. Inversions

  12. Art of vinyasa & repetition

artwork by Marekowa

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