New Schedule

One of the coming changes with the new year is our new schedule. Do not expect any revolutions, we are just making it better for you.

1. New course name

The mixed level classes which had different names (All levels, Lunchtime, etc.) will be called now High On Yoga Open.

Open level will mean simply that it is open to join for everyone, however there will be a certain challenge to every class.

2. New Thursday class with Mateusz

We are more than happy and proud to offer you a new course on Thursday evening at 20:00. Mateusz will teach a 90-minute open level class. See you there!

3. Level swaps

Ania's signature Wednesday class at 20:15 is now open level, not medium as you used to know it.

Mateusz's Monday course at 18:00 will be from now on called High On Yoga Medium (level 1).

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