New Sunday Class with Mateusz

Feel-good addicts! High On Yoga has just had its first birthday! First part of the celebration is announcing a new weekend class - something you have been asking for a lot since we stopped our Saturday classes last year. So here we go. Next Sunday at 17:00 we are starting a new vinyasa class for all levels. It will be led permanently by Mateusz. The class will be called YOGASTAH and promises a very vigorous, meditative, heart-changing and spirits-lifting practice in a very High On Yoga manner. *** ABOUT THE CLASS: “Yogasthah kuru karmani sangam tyaktva dhananjaya siddhy-asiddhyoh samo bhutva samatvam yoga uchyate" /// "Arise in Yoga and perform your actions firm in discipline with a steady mind O Arjuna! Abandon all attachment to success or failure. Such evenness of mind is called yoga" — Bhagavad Gita 2.48 This is what Lord Krishna said to the warrior Arjuna in India's greatest book - Bhagavad Gita. This famous quote was an inspiration for a special kind of yoga class where intense asana practice turns into a state of trans in movement while sweating and breath transforms into meditation. A Yogastah class has a very precisely directed steady rhythm and is set at quite a fast pace. The whole course is led without any philosophical or spiritual talks. Only at the end of the 90-minute course a meditation and mantra session takes place. YOGASTAH is meant for physical and spiritual empowerment. YOGASTAH means to arise in yoga and that is the purpose of the class. photo Aleksandra Sowa

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