Where it all started from

High On Yoga Berlin, Ganga, India
India may be a land of over a 100 problems, but it is also a place for a billion solutions.


Kailash Satyarthi

India is the homeland of yoga. It is said that the deiscipline of yoga emerged at least 600 years BC. This is also the place where you can really see that yoga is not practised but lived and experienced as a life path.

But it is not only yoga that defines India, Actually, the richness of traditions, cultures, religions, habits and history of the Indian subcontinent is bewildering.


It is a country full of contrasts and intensivity in any kind of matter. Many pictures can shock or disgust. It can take you completely out of your comfort zone or tear your heart apart. Yet you can find there amazingly joyful, hospitable and radiant people as well as peace and humbleness. This country shows life in its bigger picture - appealing, ugly, cruel, tempting, vulnerable and first of all true.

For the HIGH ON YOGA teachers, Ania and Mateusz, the trip to India was a lifetime experience and a game changer in their yoga practice. The subcontinent not only stunned them with its multidimensional beauty and diversity of systems and methods, but also stroke with the simpliest answers to the most bothering qustions about one's self and life. To a point that could seem banal and obvious, but once you are there you start to confront yourself with your own skeptical indifference. 

Yoga means unity, wholeness and there is no better place to live it.