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Welcome to HIGH ON YOGA!

All our classes are in English - 
we want to stay inclusive for everyone, no matter where you are from.
Join our on-site classes in our sunlit 100-m2 studio
or online live stream classes all week long.

Check our schedule here and book a class.
Scroll down to check which class level is best for you.

If you are new to yoga or never tried a dynamic type of yoga,
we recommend taking first the Essentials class.

We are a welcoming and queer space. Refugees are welcome.


Levels explanation:


All classes are physically challenging according to the specified levels.

  •  Essentials (Level 0)

Introduction to all the important elements in yoga and essentials to the High On Yoga style.
-> Recommended to beginners in vinyasa yoga.


  • Medium (Level 1)

Class led at a slower pace than Open, however providing enough challenge to regular yoga practitioners;

-> Good also for those with less yoga experience.

  •  Blow-Up (Level 1-2)

Expand your vision in our Blow-up classes and „zoom in“ to specific asanas, its alignment and difficult sides.
At this 45-minute course we take more time to explain important details about selected asanas and the practice while still providing you with the same vinyasa heat you know from longer classes. 

  • Open (Level 2) 

A typical High On Yoga class with faster pace and a variety of postures and levels. Literally open for less advanced as well as regular yogis.


  • Intense (Level 3)

Tailored for students with experience in vinyasa yoga, offers a more advanced selections of asana and a strong steady pace similar to Ashtanga yoga. Ask your teacher if it's suitable for you.

Yin Yoga
Slow session designed for a deep release in the muscles without using any strength, expect to stay in a pose for a few minutes

-> All levels welcome

Asana Lab

Classes with an asana lab will have some elements of a workshop, dedicating some time during the session to explain and practice a more tricky asana or sequence.