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Welcome to High On Yoga. 
All our classes are in English
because we want to stay inclusive for everyone, no matter where you are from.
At the moment we offer exclusively online live stream classes.
We are looking very much forward to welcoming you in person at the studio soon.
Check our schedule here and book a class.
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Scroll down to check which class level is best for you.
If you are new to yoga or never tried a dynamic type of yoga,
we recommend taking first the Essentials class.

We are a welcoming and queer space. Refugees are welcome.


Levels explanation:


All classes are physically challenging according to the specified levels.

  •  Essentials (Level 0)

Introduction to all the important elements in yoga and essentials to the High On Yoga style.
-> Recommended to beginners in vinyasa yoga.


  • Medium (Level 1)

Class led at a slower pace than Open, however providing enough challenge to regular yoga practitioners;

-> Good also for those with less yoga experience.

  • Open (Level 2) 

A typical High On Yoga class with faster pace and a variety of postures and levels. Literally open for less advanced as well as regular yogis.


  • Intense (Level 3)

Tailored for students with experience in vinyasa yoga, offers a more advanced selections of asana and a strong steady pace similar to Ashtanga yoga. Ask your teacher if it's suitable for you.

Yin Yoga
Slow session designed for a deep release in the muscles without using any strength, expect to stay in a pose for a few minutes

-> All levels welcome

Asana Lab

Classes with an asana lab will have some elements of a workshop, dedicating some time during the session to explain and practice a more tricky asana or sequence.