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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Are there any special conditions to join ?

    First of all, you need to have a strong desire to go trough an intensive process of learning and be ready for a transformation.
    Second, you need to have an established yoga practice; this means a minimum of 2 years regularly doing yoga or at least one year of intensive practice (5-6 times a week).
    You also need to be in good physical condition to go through the intense asana sessions; minor injuries are fine.​
  2. What if I cannot attend some classes / days ?

    To complete your teacher training you need to have 100% attendance in order to be able to cover and go trough all the important topics. Please note that 200 hours is not a very lengthy course, when some studies take years.
    However, if you have a class, day or weekend you can't make, please inform us in advance. You will be asked to complete a writing task or any other assignments that correspond the skipped topics.

  3. How big will the group be?

    We want to assure the highest possible quality of the studying process and guarantee an intimate atmosphere of the group. Therefore there will be only a maximum of 12 students for the 200h course with additional of maximum 6 attendees for the 100h training.

  4. Do I get a certificate?

    Yes, you will get a signed and stamped certificate issued by High On Yoga proving you completed the respective course.

  5. Can I teach yoga after I receive my certificate?

    Yes. A 200 hours certification is nowadays a standard minimum first-level certification for yoga teachers. We offer a 300-hour course to ensure the best possible results. 
    You can start teaching after getting your certificate. Just please remember that it will be only the beginning of your education, not the end, whether you choose to take more teacher courses, workshops or you go for self-study.

  6. Can I teach yoga with my 100h certificate?

    The 100 hours certificate will allow you to teach short 60-minute classes, however she studios/teachers may not find it enough to work with them.

  7. Can I take the course if I don't want to teach yoga?

    Absolutely, what you decide to do after completing the training, is completely up to you. Actually, most of the alumni, do not become yoga teachers for various reasons; many of them want simply to enrich their yoga knowledge.

  8. Do I have to pay the whole fee at once?

    No, only a deposit is mandatory. There are several option for payment, please check it here.

  9. Is the training affiliated with Yoga Alliance?

    We chose not to affiliate with Yoga Alliance US for various reasons. 

    The Yoga Alliance is a US-based association - one of many yoga organisations of similar profile - that gained recognition in the Western yoga community due to its clear teaching-minimum recommendations. However, YA is officially only a "registry" and does not take any responsibility for the quality of a school/teacher aligned, nor supports the schools or teachers in any way, except the right to use its logo and name..

    We as a yoga school simply do not endorse this kind of policy and oppose some sort of "teacher certification manufacturing" that YA is partly responsible for. 

    The decision to boycott this system comes from the fact that Yoga Alliance US nowadays is responsible for downgrading the quality of modern yoga teacher trainings, both in India and the West. More and more yoga schools decide to resign from this system. Please see the example of worldwide renown Jivamukti Yoga  and its teacher trainings that also refuses to affiliate with YA. 

    We are convinced that a Yoga Alliance logo is not necessary to be able to teach in Europe and most of the world nowadays, Your experience and skills will play the biggest role in finding a future job, especially since the awareness of the issue grows in the yoga world.

  10. Will I be able to teach at HOY with my certificate?

    The 200h alumni are more than welcome to apply to become support or full-time teachers at our studio and if there is an open teacher position they will have a priority.

  11. Is there a possibility for a further education?

    Yes, already this year practising teachers can attend our Further Education for Yoga Teachers Program. Next year, we will start offering apprenticeships at the studio.

  12.  Can I take pictures during the training?

    The general rule is no pictures, audio or video recordings are allowed due to copyright reasons and in order to protect the intimacy of the studying process. Please approach us directly if you think an exception could be possible.
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