For those you lost touch with yoga

Missing your yoga mat but already forgot how to bend forward?
Need that yoga high again but no clue where to start from?
We have something for you -
the Fake Beginner pass.

With the Fake Beginner plan you get a 4-week pass for the High On Yoga live stream courses and a great choice of 12 weekly courses perfectly tailored for your needs.


The real deal is though, the more often you practice the less you pay! 

The full price is 59€. But if you take classes regularly you will get a partly refund at the end of the 4-week plan.


You completed 8 classes in 4 weeks? You pay only 55€.

Finished 12 classes? Then it's 50€.

With 16 classes it gets to 45€

More than 16? You will pay 40€ inte of 59€.


If this is not enough good stuff, you will also have the chance to send us your questions about postures or  anything yoga-related, in text, video or audio, any question, even the most obvious one and our teachers will answer gladly giving you constant guidance. 


Buy the Fake Beginner Pass here and roll out your yoga mat today!



Here's the list of available classes each week:


Monday, 18:00 Medium 75' with Mateusz

Tuesday, 18:00 Essentials 75' with Miriam

Saturday, 10:45 Essentials 60' with Mateusz


wake up:

Tuesday, 08:00 Rise&Shine with Maria

Thursday, 08:00 Medium 60' with Anita



Tuesday, 10:00 Blowup 45' with Miriam

Wednesday, 10:00 Blowup 45' with Mateusz

Thursday, 10:00 Blowup 45' with Anita

Friday, 10:00 Blowup 45' with Maria



Monday, 21:15 Deep Sleep Yoga Nidra 30' with Maria

Thursday, 19:45 Yin Intense 60' with Maria

Sunday, 19:30 Yin & Yoga Nidra 75' with Maria

After your 4 weeks yoga come-back is over and you think you did at least 12 classes, then e-mail us at hello@highonyoga.eu and we will be sending you a partial refund straight away :)