Complete Essentials.
Workshop with Mateusz
4. April 2019

All you need to know to start practicing


All you wanted to know for so long about your asana


Almost 2 hours of a complete guide to the High On Yoga Essentials for beginners and yogis with questions.

This workshop will introduce you to the important elements in yoga and all the essentials of the

High On Yoga style.


Perfect for beginners, people with little experience in yoga and highly recommended for absolute beginners. However, a regular yogi will find here a lot of details to improve their daily practice.

Our topics:

  1. Standing poses + Sun salutation A & B 

  2. Fundamental positions (triangle, side angle, etc.)

  3. Forward bends 

  4. Twists 

  5. Back bends 

  6. Balancing poses 

  7. Hip & groin openers 

  8. Seated & cross-legged poses

  9. Ujjayi breath & vinyasa 

  10. Core poses & transitions

  11. Inversions (shoulder stand, etc.)



Sunday 7. April

13:00 - 14:45




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HOY UnlimtedPass, 10xPass or 5xPass

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photo Bea Rodrigues
photo Bea Rodrigues