For beginners and not only

The class called Essentials

is a perfect introduction to 

yoga as well as

our vigorous style.



Start anytime or hop in for your favourite focus.


Here are our 12 topics:

(in parenthesis next time we have this focus)

  1. Sun salutation A & B 

  2. Fundamental positions 

  3. Balancing poses

  4. Forward bends 

  5. Twists

  6. Back bends

  7. Art of asana (1st part summary) 

  8. Ujjayi breath & what is vinyasa

  9. Hip & groin openers

  10. Core poses & transitions 

  11. Inversions

  12. Art of vinyasa (full summary)

This class introduces all the important elements in yoga and all the essentials of the High On Yoga style.  


Perfect for people with little experience in yoga and highly recommended for absolute beginners. Still, a regular yogi will find here a lot of details to improve their daily practice.


The class runs in a 12-week cycle. Each week has its focus. These 3 months with different topics allow everyone to encounter the yoga basics and prepare to participate in the more intensive Medium and Open classes.


If you want to learn our High On Yoga essentials and strong basics of yoga practice, we advice to take part in the full cycle of 12 classes. However, if you miss a class/topic, we will start the cycle allover again after 12 classes.  


Find here the list of all 12 topics covered during the HOY Essentials. Once a week we also announce on social media which postures will specifically be practiced. ​