Reach new heights with your yoga practice.

(on site & online)

The training is divided into 10 intensive weekends

(Saturday dawn to Sunday afternoon) with possible additional hours scheduled outside of typical working hours.


Our next course is scheduled for the autumn 2020.

Here are the main weekend dates:

  • 24.-25 October 2020

  • 7.-8. November

  • 21.-22. November

  • 29. November

  • 5.-6. December

  • 13. December
    (this is the last date for the 100h training)

  • 30.-31. January 2021

  • 14. February

  • 27.-28. February

  • 14. March

  • 27.-28. March

  • 8.-9. May

  • 29. May (final graduation meeting)

Assisting & teaching period:


(please do not plan any absence during this period)

* Dates are subject to change, final schedule to be announced before the first meeting.

** If you can't attend certain days or a weekend, please contact us directly to discuss it.


Our main location is our studio in Berlin-Kreuzberg.


Due to the worldwide pandemic some courses might be streamed live without an on-site meeting.

Our morning sessions (one during the week and two on the weekends) will be live streamed regularly. More possible live stream meeting might be announced at a later stage.


Please remember that yoga is a discipline that requires human interaction and presence,

it can't be passed on entirely online. This means that if the local situation in Berlin stays stable, the great majority of the classes will be still in real life (on site). Additional online classes will be introduced in the course of the entire training.

However, in case of change in the pandemic situation, online-only sessions or entire weekends might be held for a limited period of time.


Moreover, to keep our group safe and healthy if you don't feel well or have a mild cold or similar symptoms, you will be asked to not come to the studio and instead attend the live stream.

Contact us directly, should you have any questions or concerns about our pandemic policies.