Our philosophy:

Yoga is a celebration of live. A celebration for all.


Just like morning masturbation, yoga can be a rejuvanating treat for everyone. Just like sex, yoga can get you high for the rest of the day. That's our first principle. Feel good. Feel balanced and blissful.


Yet we are serious with what we do. Yoga is also a journey with sweat, slow opening, self-acceptance and inner-peace finding. You are your own guru, still we want toonly assist you with this beautiful transformation.

Yoga means in Sanskrit "union" or "combined". Therefore with every class we introduce you to a short meditation, pranayama and mantras. We also incorporate deep relaxation techniques into every class to let you release all the tension completely. You will get an extra dose of yoga massaging and some organic oils treatment. Each HIGH ON YOGA session is a performance introducing the wholeness and complicity of yoga as a system of good life.

HIGH ON YOGA means also a two-teacher powerhouse. Ania and Mateusz are two certified vinyasa yoga instructors. After their joint studies on yoga in India they decided to join forces in Berlin. Now they offer the first in Berlin regular classes taught by a vinyasa yoga tandem.


HIGH ON YOGA is a modern dynamic yoga class combining power vinyasa flow with the wisdom of India.