Our concept

HIGH ON YOGA is here to
bring you yoga in all its intensity. 
It is where a modern approach meets the wisdom of tradition.

High On Yoga offers physically and spiritually intense vinyasa yoga to sweat & bring joy.


We are a yoga studio embracing the Berlin free and uncomplicated spirit and to stay inclusive to everyone all our courses are in English.


Each class combines dynamic Ashtanga-based style with an embracing body-positive approach. Expect the sound of harmonium, mantra chanting and a lot of hands-on adjustments. A yoga high is guaranteed.

Yoga is a celebration of life. A celebration for all.

Just like morning masturbation, yoga can be a rejuvenating treat for everyone. Just like sex, yoga can get you high for the rest of the day. That's our next principle. The feel-good factor. Feel balanced and blissful, happy and elevated.


Yet yoga is also a journey to one's self-acceptance, with challenges, sweat, slow opening and inner-peace finding. And you are your own guru, but still we want to assist you with this beautiful transformation.

Yoga translates loosely as union in Sanskrit. Therefore we bring you yoga with all its richness and intensity. With every class we introduce you to meditation and mantras. And last but not leas, we incorporate deep relaxation techniques into every class to let you release all the tension completely. 


Each HIGH ON YOGA session is a performance introducing the wholeness and complicity of yoga as a method for good life.