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Mateusz - our High On Yoga teacher and body work practicioner - performs a highly relaxing and deeply releasing
type of massage -
the Intense Ayurveda Massage
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tel: +49 178 13 75 118

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Intense Ayurvedic Massage has its origins in the art of ayurveda, Indian system of balanced health, as well as in yoga.

Mateusz - who was trained directly in India by the master Viki Parajapati-ji - performs a holistic session of relaxation, combining deep pressure massage with spiritual and therapeutic approach.

Intense Ayurvedic Massage is a therapy of balancing the body and is meant to give it a deep release and ultimate relaxation. 

Two main types are offered, both done with organic oils:

- 40-min. back-relase session or

- 60-min. full-body therapy. 

For holders of active High On Yoga cards we offer a special 10% discount. Just ask while booking.
















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