7 days in a summer paradise

Greek Island Refuge Retreat
with Mateusz & Anita
2-8 August 2021
Aegina Island, Greece 

It's been a difficult year and we all need time off, time to nourish ourselves and to dwell into our practice to give our mind some proper rest.


Once again we invite you to spend a week in the middle of the summer in a secluded island paradise with yoga, plant-based food and in a unique house.


Our refuge


Our place of retreat on the island is a unique huge 19th century villa located outside of the main port town, hidden from the tourist life and surrounded by an enormous garden. Just a stone’s throw from the beach, the secluded house offers an absolute peace and magical atmosphere, perfect for deep thoughts and yoga practice. The house's two floors and multiple terraces with sea view is the right place to sooth the ever-busy mind. The incredible ambient and atmosphere of the villa and its "secret" garden, as we call it, will make you want to stay there - believe us - forever. 


The island

Aegina is a small island on the Saronic Gulf of the Aegean Sea. Rather unknown amongst international tourists, it’s only a 40-minute trip away from the capital city of Athens. The island's central town is a small picturesque harbour, however, our destination is the serene and more pristine southern part of the island. Rich history and local vibe makes Aegina a hidden gem on the Aegean Sea.

During the retreat


This retreat is something we all dream of: summer, sea, beaches, nature and beautiful surroundings, excellent fresh plant-based food cooked by two Greek-Mexican sisters and obviously the High On Yoga-style intensive vinyasa practice.


There will be time to intensify your yoga practice as well as to enjoy some free time on a Greek island far from tourist and off beaten paths.


We will practice twice a day, a morning session to wake up and an evening class to sweat and focus.


During the retreat will go on an excursion to the nearby tropical islet with its beach paradise and turquoise waters. 



The dates


Monday - Sunday

2. - 8. August 2021


Day of arrival: Monday, 2. August from early afternoon, we are starting with a lunch

Day of departure: Sunday, 8. August, after morning practice our last meal is breakfast, 



The place


Aegina Island in Greece

40 min. by speed boat from Athens (Piraeus port)




Daily program


(subject to changes)

8:00 morning yoga practice

9:00 breakfast in the garden

10:00-14:00 free time or group activities/trips

14:00 light lunch in the garden

15:00-18:30 free time/siesta

18:30 evening yoga practice

20:00 dinner in the garden



High On Yoga wants to be inclusive and open to everyone, so we tried to make our retreats affordable and fair without compromising on quality.


  • twin or triple room:

sold out

  • single room:


sold out

Price includes 3 meals a day.

All rooms with shared bathrooms. 



  • daily practice twice a day

  • accommodation in the villa

  • home-made plant-based full board 

  • one group excursion to the tropical islet

  • access to the yoga room for self-practice

  • Access to the garden




  • towels (please bring your own)

  • transport to/from Greece

  • transport to the retreat place (we are happy to help)




There are special cancellation conditions for our retreats:


 A non-refundable deposit of 200€ is is necessary to secure a spot.

A payment of the full price is required 4 weeks before the arrival.


  • if cancelled up. to 6 weeks before arrival, the total payment excluding the deposit is refunded

  • If cancelled 4 weeks before arrival, 50% of the total payment is refunded

  • If cancelled 2 week before arrival, 25% of the total payment is refunded.

  • If cancelled after 2 week before arrival, the full payment is non-refundable.


Pandemic-related cancellation:

You are entitled to a full refund if the retreat gets cancelled due to possible newly imposed state restrictions or lockdowns.

For more about our the COViD-19 safety issues scroll down.

COVID-19 pandemic regulations:

In midst of the ongoing pandemic we are striving to create a safe environment at our upcoming retreat.


Aegina Island has been a relatively CoViD-19-free zone like most of the Greek Islands. Still, all the common spaces will be well-ventilated, disinfected and cleaned. Please note though that the retreat is happening in the middle of the Greek summer and warm temperatures are guaranteed during the day and at night, therefore most of our activities including dinning, will happen outdoors (check above for pictures of our dinning area).


Moreover, a recent negative test or vaccination confirmation will be most likely required to join us.


Please note, however, that at the moment, due to the rapidly developing situation (a progressing vaccine rollout in Europe, yet the still-running 3rd wave in Germany), both in Germany and in Greece, we are not able to tell you exactly what measures we will need to take on the retreat in August.

The Greek government will be opening its borders for tourists in May, however, no official regulations from the Greek side have been decided upon as of now.

We will keep you updated as soon as state regulations are announced.

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