Reach new heights with your yoga practice.

250-hour or 100-hour
Teacher Training 
For aspiring yoga teachers
200 hours of training is a standard minimum.
Nevertheless, a 100h has also a lot to offer. 
Learn the difference between the two options

No training makes you a teacher. We are discussing here a minimum that became a modern standard and it is 200 hour. Still a shorter 100-hour can be an opportunity to start your journey to become a future teacher.

High On Yoga offers a 250-hour course to ensure everyone receives not only required knowledge, but also a proper practical training. 

The first 100 hours will build a firm base for your personal practice and prepare you to structure a short 60-minute class. Moreover, you will assist a teacher at a short public yoga class.


The second part, when those doing 100 hours leave, is to complete

the 250h training and prepare you for a full yoga teacher experience. The fruit of your hard work and devotion will be - no more-no less than - assisting a class at the High On Yoga studio and then giving a class yourself for open crowd at HOY. No worries, we will guide you through all the steps and supervise your preparations.

Only a successful 250h certification will give you the opportunity to continue your education as an apprentice at our studio.
Alumnae and alumni of the 100h course have the possiblity to complete the 250h training (for the remaining 150 hours) after mentor's approval if spots are available. This can be done also the year after.
Please remember that receiving your first certificate is only the beginning of a life-long education. Being a yoga teacher requires a continuous study and taking part in more trainings and workshops.





Building a strong base for practice


Creating a short



for a future 200h complition



yoga teacher


Creating a full 90-minute class

Possibility for a apprenticeship

at HOY 

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